A Statement on Art, Painting, and Photography

My calling has been a life-long search for something indefinable and the need to express it. Is this an inner need to communicate to the illusionary existence of this life messages from the spiritual past and future? I remember a studio formed by friends who met during evening art classes at the University of Colorado, Denver Campus. Those days of youth, drinking cheap wine, listening to flamenco guitars on the record player, and stretching canvas to paint on led to my discovery of photography as an art. During my military service as a photographer and schooling at the Art Center and Ohio University, I met dedicated teachers [Todd Walker and Arnold Gassan] who influenced me to make a life changing commitment to teaching and making art through photography.

During times that the career is seemingly going nowhere and students are not listening, the only thing that sustains one is the work itself. How can a slick piece of paper brought forth in the darkroom or a few
spatters of paint on a flat surface mean so much to the seer? How is it able to trigger the mind's eye to deeper imaginative thought? This mystery is a part of the puzzle and the power of pictures.

So as I dream tonight my brain will not record words or numbers but will return to its primitive state. Pictures will parade through my head in a myriad of strange places, stories, and events that both disturb and delight. Perhaps a dark journey, seeking shelter from the violence of now and the storm which is within.

A. J. Meek